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Tokkie Mostert

Owner/Professional Hunter

“Nothing worthwhile comes easy”

I grew up in a mining town, hard men, hard place and hard times were the order of the day. It taught me to appreciate everything and that hard work, respect and determination will take you further when all else fails. I graduated top of my class at the Professional Hunting Academy, not because I was smarter than anyone else. I just worked harder than anyone else. I have hunted all the Provinces in South Africa as well as some of the neighboring countries, but my hunting heart lies in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Hunt Hard Safaris is not just a company to me, it is the extension of a dream I wish to share with everyone.
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Louise Johansson


I grew up with hunting, my father has one of the biggest private trophy collections in Sweden. I was just a kid when my father took me to South Africa for the first time and it didn´t take long, before I fell in love with it! I see Africa as my home away from home and today it´s a big part of who I am.

My job is to cater to every client´s travel requirements and any other needs they may have to build a dream safari. Through dedication and hard work behind the scenes nothing is left to chance. From flight tickets, hotel bookings, tours and car rentals including special surprise dinners for your loved ones – everything will be done, you just have to pack a bag!

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"Nothing but breathing the air of Africa,and actually walking trough it,can communicate the indescribable sensations"

William Burchell