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Hunt Hard Kennel

Anyone that has the passion to hunt will carry the same passion in their hearts for hunting dogs. The past 13 years we have been exclusively focused on and have worked with GSP’s as our home and hunting companions. From the harsh African sun to the icy Scandinavian landscape we have found the breed to suite our type of hunting best. As a all round dog (HPR) that will track blood, stand for upland birds and retrieve ducks and geese with a never say die attitude they have surpassed our expectations on numerous occasions.


With this in mind we have now decided to become a breeding kennel focusing exclusively on breeding and training exceptional hunting dogs. This decision was not taken lightly and anyone who knows the GSP will also know that they are always waiting for you to let go of the “handbrake”.


We will not be focused on numbers ,but exclusively on quality pups, potential owners will therefore be strictly screened by us before a pup will be entrusted to them.